Meet the team

Stiftung Mein Beitrag’s team consits of its three founding members, unsalaried coworkers in Austria aswell as our payed staff at our Indian learning center. Together we strive to provide a better future for New-Delh’s slum-children.

Coworkers in India

Lokesh Kumar
Social worker and Supervisor

Lokesh is a cornerstone within our foundation. He manages our operations in India with heart and mind. Lokesh’s wife also was working with us previous to his employment. Lokesh studied at Delhi University and Indira Ghandi University.

Pooja Mishra

Being a mother herself, Pooja strives every day to bring education across. Pooja studies at Delhi University.

Mosmi Shahbad
Chef and house-keeper

Mina takes care of a daily healthy meal so no one needs to stay hungry. She also supports in housekeeping at the learning center.

Pankaj Ram Adhar

Pankaj imparts education to our children. She studied political science at Delhi University.

Voluntary employees in Austria

Stefania Ciarella
Voluntary employee

Stefania is a multicultural Italian, married to her indian husband, living in Austria Furthermore she contributes her experiences in aid organisations at Stiftung Mein Beitrag She has always an open ear and is ready to help and advise to any problems.

Armin Lunzer
Voluntary Auditor and Accountant

Armin has always good mood and gives professional advice on bookkeeping around the clock. He is chartered accountant in Austria. He takes care of our foundation’s fundamentals as well as tax/legal documentations.

Roman Frühberger
Volunteer Auditor

Roman has long-term experience in executive positions within the Austrian banking industry as well as being an offical in his hometown. He is key in representing the four-eyes-principle when it comes to auditiing our books.

The Founder of Stiftung Mein Beitrag

Laurenz Limberg
» Seeing suffering and injustice around us and around the world is a call to act. Each and everyone of us can do so, even if it’s a small contribution – it helps. Knowing that these children don’t have anybody who is willing to help, that’s my daily motivation in working for our organisation.

Gregor Roesler-Schmidt
» Children who struggle to make a living on a daily basis; children who are stuck in poverty from birth – those are my reasons to contribute my share in order to make this world a little less inequal. «

Ing. Gregor Waltner
» I am imaging having my donation being used for marketing and administration is leaving me in doubt it is used for the cause. I examined a lot of aid organisations focued on India – not one of them was meeting my expectations. By founding Sitftung Mein Beitrag it is now possible to contribute with a smile, for me and everyone else.«


Get a pictures yourself on site!

You are welcome to visit our learning center at any time.

  • Convince yourself how your contribution is being used.
  • Listen to the actual tuition at our learning center. Talk to the children yourself, they are leanring englisch as a second language.
  • Our supervisor on site will guide your through the nearby slum where most of the children live together with their families.

Our team along with the children is looking forward to your visit!

Address Learning Center

If you need support getting to our learning center, we can support you organising your trip.

Shree Shyam Residency
Apt 1-104
Shahbad Extension
New Delhi, 110042 Delhi, India