Your contribution,
for a real change of the child’s path.

Your donations makes a difference

„Saving one human life saves the whole world“

By sponsoring a child, you change their life. The only difference between a child in a slum and the other in the city is the luck of birth. That luck, like a lottery win, will distinct between living on a landfill or attending school.

Being a sponsor, we will list your name on our website (if wanted).


You decide how your donation is being spent. Every cent counts!

Tuition fee for one child

€ 32 monthly

Healthy meals for five children

€ 15 monthly

Healthy meals for 20 children

€ 60 monthly

Sponsorship of one child

€ 75 monthly

Salary of a teacher

€ 220 monthly

Clothing for 30 children

€ 150 once

School enrollment fee

€ 90 monthly for one child

Uncomitted donation

Once or monthly

Firmen- & Vereinsspenden

Ihre Spende ist steuerlich absetzbar

Your donations makes a difference

Transparency is our utmost priority.
Your donation does not go towards expensive advertisements or marketing costs.

100% of your donation
reaches its intended recipients.

The founders personally cover all administrative and organizational costs.

We are a foundation by Austrian law.

Hence, we are subject to rigorous government oversight by the Foundation and Funds Authority.

Fair compensation

Our social workers and teachers in India receive fair compensation. All individuals working in Austria do so on a voluntary basis!