Your contribution
making this world better

Wie help children living in dire poverty.

We support children in New-Delhi, India, living in slums and struggling everyday to make a living.

We support children whose partens are illiterates and working poor.

We support children who are growing up in trash and who would have never had access to education and social advancement.

For those children, we make a decent life possible. By providing access to healthcare and education pave their way for a better future.

We help where nobody does.

We are the only organization present on-site. If we don’t help the children in this area, no one else will.

Quality over quantity.

Providing a bit of joy to many children is not enough for us. Our goal is to help utterly hopeless children break the cycle of poverty. Our support happens on the spot, personalised, and sustainable.

We support the poorest of the poor.

We focus on the most marginalized society – children scavenging for garbage in New-Delhi, India.

To break the cycle of poverty for these children, education is the key to success.

Our foundation was established to fundamentally redefine the future prospects for these children, aiming to provide them with a fulfilling and dignified life.


You decide how your donation is being spent. Every cent counts!

Tuition fee for one child

€ 32 monthly

Healthy meals for five children

€ 15 monthly

Healthy meals for 20 children

€ 60 monthly

Sponsorship of one child

€ 75 monthly

Salary of a teacher

€ 220 monthly

Clothing for 30 children

€ 150 once

School enrollment fee

€ 90 monthly for one child

Uncomitted donation

Once or monthly

Firmen- & Vereinsspenden

Ihre Spende ist steuerlich absetzbar

Even with small contributions, you can provide these children with better prospects for the future.

Together with our local staff, we identify critical cases in selected areas to initiate initial awareness campaigns and establish trust-building measures. This significantly contributes to further cooperation with the parents and is a crucial cornerstone for the educational success of the children.

How your donation will change children’s lifes

93% of our children don’t continue performing child labour since attending our learning center.

Just six months after their first visit, 85% of those children at school-age attend private schools.

Your donations makes a difference

Transparency is our utmost priority.
Your donation does not go towards expensive advertisements or marketing costs.

100% of your donation
reaches its intended recipients.

The founders personally cover all administrative and organizational costs.

We are a foundation by Austrian law.

Hence, we are subject to rigorous government oversight by the Foundation and Funds Authority.

Fair compensation

Our social workers and teachers in India receive fair compensation. All individuals working in Austria do so on a voluntary basis!

Our Mission

Our goal is to support children in dire poverty to sustainably provide a better future for them.

Through regular school classes, as well as tutoring sessions in our specifically established learning center, and continuous engagement with our social workers, we provide support through various individualized measures wherever possible.

We strive to ensure that each of our children has the greatest possible chance of success.


The founders
regularly visit New-Delhi, India.
As a donor, you are warmly welcomed at our New-Delihi learning center at any time. See for yourself how we do it. We promise: 100% of your donation reaches its intended recipients!

Important information about your donation

If requested, we will confirm your dontain in writing. Please provide a postal or eMail-address for that purpose. We will provide a confirmation of your donating in writing.

(Applies to Austrian tax entities) By donating to our organisation, you donating can reduce your personal or business tax volumen.

All of that. Every penny of your donation goes towards the cause of support children. Donations do not funds administrative or markting costs. Every donation makes a difference.

We are reguled by Austrian Laws and fulfill all requirements. You contribution can be income tax deductable by Austrian law.
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Our foundation has a lean structure like any successful company would have.
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