Working and living at a garbage dump, Okhla-Estate, New-Delhi, 2017

Our Story

Why we do what we do

That’s an easy one: Each child in this world has the right for healthy childhood and future. Each child deserves a chance to fulfill its dream and to live a decent life.

Being born in Austria, Europe is – in comparison to most parts of the world – a privilege. Around 2016 we decided, to give back some of the luck the we have had.

We chose India for rational reasons as we can unfold our maximum effect there.

Our first journey in 2017 took us to some of the worst places one can imagin. We visited steaming landfills, slums where people live with less than some cardboard boxes, and brick factories. We witnessed a world where children’s rights did not exist, where access to healthcare, education and social ascent are impossible by birth.

We visited charitable organisations in Austria and India. Finally we realised we were shown fancy presentations and big numbers, mostly without any significans in detail. We saw expensive domestic and internatioanl administrations. In the end we realised that collecting aid is also an industry, at least in the “first world”.

Desilusonised from most of the organisations we met, we decided to lay brick to form our own organisation. We strived to choose a form of organisation which is highly transparent as well as broadly accepted. In 2015 Austrian laws allowed to form a “Bundesstiftung” for charitable organisations: In terms of transparency and oversight the most regulated form of its kind. Bundesstiftung “Mein Beitrag” was born.

Since 2017 we have been plenty of times to India. We met child poverty from different perspectives. We visited quite a number of slums, came to talk to their population, met with school principals and caretakers.

Since 2021 we are operating our learning center in New Delhi’s north-east. Our team on site consists of four fulltime employees who are taking care of selected children from the nearby slum.

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Why India

The global hunger index lists a handful of countries, including India.

From there we chose India because of the following criteria:

  • political stability and personal safety
  • General attitude towards foreigners, other culutres and different religions
  • Buying power of Euro
  • easy/quick access from Austria

India meets these criteria the best.

Indien Karte

We depend on your donation.

We use our personal income to fund the organsation (India), travel expenses, administration and marketing. We want to do more. Help us, helping them!


Get a pictures yourself on site!

You are welcome to visit our learning center at any time.

  • Convince yourself how your contribution is being used.
  • Listen to the actual tuition at our learning center. Talk to the children yourself, they are leanring englisch as a second language.
  • Our supervisor on site will guide your through the nearby slum where most of the children live together with their families.

Our team along with the children is looking forward to your visit!

Address Learning Center

If you need support getting to our learning center, we can support you organising your trip.

Shree Shyam Residency, Apt 1-104
Shahbad Extension
New Delhi, 110042 Delhi, India